Marty Rayman

I was ten years old when I received one of my favorite birthday presents to date:  a Kodak camera.

Knowing that their gift was well received, my parents went on to gift me another camera when I graduated from dental school in 1971:  a Minolta SRT 101.

From that time until the digital age, I mainly shot Kodachrome 64.  Who can argue with Paul Simon’s lyrics?  “Kodachrome.  They give us those nice bright colors/They give us the greens of summers.”

In my dental practice, I had a vested interest in intraoral photography which led to an increased exposure (excuse the pun) to the field of photography and its infinite possibilities.

In 2004, I purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix camera for a trip to Japan.

It was then that I realized two important things:  First, celebrating any occasion is a good excuse for a new camera and two, documenting such occasions through photography is just as pleasurable as Paul Simon sang, “I got a Nikon camera/I love to take a photograph.”